Заключение по итогам последней встречи в 2019 году (станок гидроабразивной резки AC-5axis)<yiget-decollator> </yiget-decollator>1

Заключение по итогам последней встречи в 2019 году (станок гидроабразивной резки AC-5axis) </yiget-decollator>1

Dec 30,19

2019 will be finished and 2020 is coming soon.(AC-5axis Water Jet Cutting Machine)
This year Shuttle took part in some exhibitions, such as Xiamen Fair, Canton Fair, Ceramic China. These are different types of exhibitions.
Xiamen Fair, which is one of the most popular stone fairs in the world. Each year it attracts many customers which are from domestic and overseas come to visit. This year we showed the machine which was the 4th generation of AC-5axis water jet cutting machine. We had showed AC-5axis water jet continually since 2015 and many customers see the development of our technology.
Canton Fair is a comprehensive fair, our target is mainly for advertisement. Thanks for the sellers who worked so hard during the fair. Because their hardworking, we got some orders and cooperated with some new customers.
Ceramic China is mainly for ceramic tiles and its machines. Since last year, porcelain tiles are very popular in China. We predicted it will be continued at least these years. 
This year is also the 11 years anniversary of Shuttle establishment. From the beginning of 8 persons, until now we had owned mature team between development, selling, production, service. Thanks so much for each employee of Shuttle family.
Let’s looking forward to the new year 2020!